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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Telling Daddy Stories

This morning while mum had a sneaky sleep in in the boys room, the kids came and jumped on me. Ben wanted a Disney Winnie the Poo book, so I got him to tell me the story. Asking Him about the story reminded me of Christopher Robin's questions in the originals. So the book finished I got them to tell me a story with lots of "And what happened next? Did Ben go to? I bet he was bouncy, was it a bouncy dragon?" I got a story about Annabelle fairy, Bennie Dragon and Bridget Fairy (Alex was quietly pulling apart the paper towel roll and tin foil roll in the kitchen it turned out, he's into ripping things at the moment.) Ben bounced around and flapped his wings, then one wing got hurt, then another, then he died with Ben doing a magnificent death scene. He apparently fell on Belle fairies crystal city and they put cream on his wings to fix them. Then he helped Belle to go to the crystal cave to fix the crystal city up with more crystals which he attached with hammer.
The story had just finished when Alex arrived, needing a new nappy. Though the group broke up, Ben made himself some wings from a picture frame and flew around the house.
Later Granddad arrived in bus and even took Ben for a ride as he turned it around.
"Dragon bounce bounce I did have powers."
"My wings flapped and I fell off, my wings did, my wings were stuck. I flew up to the sky, 'I can fly, I can fly' I sing that song 'daggy daggy daggy dwagon' 'doggy dooggy doggy dwagon''doggy doggy doggy dog' 'dogg, dogg, dogg dwagons wings.' Belle and Bridget they fixed my wings up. With my wing it turned into a hammer and I bang bang BANG, just like that and a nail, my other wing turned into a nail and I fixed it and ow my wing hurts, now my wing hurts. 'bang bang bang beeeeeee eeee. bang bang bang, beee eee e e e , oo my wing hurts ooooo' "gruff voice" He got a hammer and a nail and I was hammering to hard. 'I'm hungry'" gruff voice "and the dragon said 'he's hungry I'm HUngry."

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