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Friday, April 30, 2010

Shifting the sandpit

Mum decided the sandpit was to close to the drains (guess what the plumber found when the drain blocked.) So mission move the sandpit.

Dad, Annie and the boys dug a new hole (and found bricks) so they dug it over a bit (and found pipes) so they dug it over a bit (in the rock hard dry clay, rocks and tree roots) and got the hole dug.

Next it was time to dig the sand out of the old sandpit into bags, fages and boxes.

Ready to move, come on dad heave, (it's a bit heavy guys.)

With moral support from mum, dad got the sandpit frame up and boy was it heavy. Mum suggested rollers and dad got one end up and they explored ancient moving techniques (we stayed inside incase dad dropped it on us, mum reckoned he nearly got the car, no where near dad says.)

In the new spot we all helped to wheel barrow the sand to the new location and spread it out.

Now our new new sandpit looks great and it's not near the drains (no more washing sandy kids in the bath mum.) Meanwhile Ben found the pegs and made a new belt. Ben's into belts and baldrics at the moment.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Electric trains

Since no one can find the camera here's a story Cindy wrote I've shifted from word to publisher so I could save it as a picture.

digging potatoes with dad

We all had a go a digging our potatoes and collecting our salad seeds, go Alex. We filled our box.

It was fun finding potoatoes, good one Alex.
I think the camera got a bit grubby.

Here's my potato.
Come on Annie.
Your turn again Alex.
You dig Annie, I'll get the potatoes.

Time to dig our Potatoes, we got out and took turns at digging and had great fun filling our box, now we're enjoying eating them. We also collected seeds from our salad greens some for replanting, some for spring.