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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Chilli Cook off

Mum, Dad, Alex and I headed down to the great chilli cook off, (the girl's were at Aunitie Pam's.)
We tried 20 different chillis, only Dad and I though, (Dad got gout the next day so he probably shouldn't have.) My favourite was the motor bike club's chilli. Dad said it made his mouth really warm, his favourite was playgroups. Judy's chilli was pumpkin flavoured!
Not bad Judy, you can have a donation.
We saw Mary tell her three little pigs story, with the Bruns our neighbours.
Then we finally got a look inside THE BIG RED BUS! I've been waiting to do this for a long time.
I was rapt.
But it couldn't take us for a ride, so we got on the other big red bus.
We rode up to Pukeora, but didn't have enough money for the ride back. Fortunately the bus driver let us back on and we got some more money to pay him back (and a fresh made, real fruit ice cream) in town.

I left my yellow balloon on the bus.
Back in town we got a ride on the fire engine, even better than the bus. Grandad says we should go to Auckland and see the transport museum.
Gaining literacy in the stories and symbols of our local town culture.

Alex's Birthday

Gran and Gran, Aunty Nell, Cody and Mikayla came down for Alex's birthday, we all headed down to the park for a walk.
Mum's voice" Auntie Janelle, Cody, Gran, Grandad, Mum, Bridget, Annabelle and Benjamin walked down to A’dene park. Alexander and Mikaela started to but then they hopped into the push chair for a ride. Alexander, Mikaela and Benjamin enjoyed the swing the best. The kids enjoyed the adventure playground and having a see-saw with each other. They discovered a Benjamin and Mikaela weight the same as a Bridget. They giggled and laughed and had a great time and didn’t want to go home for lunch.

After afternoon naps for the littlies they enjoyed playing together. They were very noisy and had a great time.

Bridget and Annabelle enjoyed playing dollies with Mikaela.

Later we put on a Mainly Music CD and the kids had a great time dancing together. The danced for a long time and they giggled and laughed. "

Cross country

Mum and Gran to us to the school cross country.
Mum's voice
"Today is the cross country run for school so the girls missed out on their swimming lesson and Benjamin didn’t go to Kindergarten. Mum, Gran, Benjamin and Alexander followed the 3 buses up to the farm. Benjamin said that the last bus to leave was the number 1 bus and the first bus to leave was the number 3 bus. The bus to leave had Bridget in it. I think she saw us following behind.

Once we arrived Benjamin ran off to be with his sisters. Alexander walked beside Mum and Gran.

A bit later the girls went off to walk the track they would run. Benjamin wanted to go too. Mum said he had to stay with us. We waved to the girls at the fence.

While we waited for the races to start Benjamin helped Annabelle eat her lunch. Then Annabelle had her race. We checked her on at the fence and watched her go around. She did some running and walking and chatting with her friends. She finished 7th.

Bridget ran her race and she was puffed pretty soon. She had just gotten over her cold and had done no practices at home this year so ended up finishing last. She looked a little disappointed at the finishing line.

Afterwards we had a picnic lunch together and Benjamin gave Annabelle some of his lunch. "

Wearable Trash

Bridget and Annabelle got dressed up for the schools wearable trash awards so I got dressed up too.

Exploration fashion literacy. My sisters love things to do with fashion on the internet and T.v.

Monday, September 7, 2009

My day with Dad

As a special father's day treat Bennie got to come in to work with dad on Monday (also because Alex had an ambulance ride at 4:45am with mum so she's stuck in Hastings till dad get's there with the car, he's okay in and out of AE with x-rays in under an hour! Nana Pat picked them up from hospital at 6:30am) Fortunately someone was away so we had an extra space at Kindy.
Ben loved the bear suit "I was puttign a bear suit on. I was jumping around like a bear, here comes a bear stomping, stomping..." (lots of dancing and singing.) "There is a lion coming to me." (More singing and stomping.)
and the farm animals, plus he rocked out with the kindy guitar.

"I bring them to the farm. A horse a sheep and a little sheep and a little horse and a cow. Playing with the cows today, and sheep, and cows and goats. I didn't paint! I wanted to do a painting at your kindy. I liked playing with the animals and the dogs and the cats. I liked daddy's fire engine story. I want you to put it on again."