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Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I love dance and music

Here is me and Annie. Gran and Gran gave us their old piano and now the girls are having lessons at school. I like to play on it too, Annie tries to teach me.Alex also likes to have a go, next to me, I teach him.
I made this cool drum kit out of my toy boxes and a stool. Mum lent us some knitting needles and I even let Alex have a go. Then mum put on a DVD of INXS on the computer for us to play too.
Mum and Dad took me to the funky monkeys
It wasn't long before I was up the front dancing and so was Annie. Lookign back I really love the photo's of the dog.

Then they made bubbles
As part of my love of music I go to dance classes.
But dance isn't my only passion, one of the best things about going to dancing is the big red bus parked outside it. My Granddad Maurice loves buses and so do I.

Every time we go I ask mum to take a photo of me with it.

Both my sisters both go to dancing and I just loved to dance when I went to pick them up, so mum and dad asked me and now I go to dance classes too!

Here we are getting our wands.

Here I am practicing my side skipping.

Here's me and the girls, I'm the one not dressed in pink.

Julie our teacher helps us on the bar.
I can do it!
Dad's voice:
Benny loves to dance. For instance when I took him to the Matariki festival this year, he just had to go up to the front. I watched him there, studying the dancers as they came on and then trying out their moves. Then when a reggie band came on he was right up in front of them doing some amazing dancing.

One of the Whaea came up to me after the performances had finished and told me she thought Ben was an amazing dancer and I agreed.

I must admit I love dance and music myself and did a little modern dance at highschool. I remember leaping around my room, working out some choreography at home for ultravox' s astrodyne, off their vienna album, and our school even got a third place in a national competition for a group piece I was in. Cindy used to go to dance classes as well so I guess it's not surprising Ben loves music and dance. Dispite my rounder shape I can still been seen dancing to "Peter and the wolf" from time to time at work, and Ben just loves it when we dance with him.

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