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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some of my Family

This morning dad asked me if I wanted to see my blog for the first time, I nodded my head excitedly with a big grin, yes I did, and first thing I wanted was a picture of Auntie Pam and Uncle Rhys. So here's one dad found of Auntie Pam."That's Alex, me, Belle, Millie and Auntie Pam at the wiggles."
These are some of my cousins.
"That's me and Cody and Granddad (Maurice) doing work."

"That's Nana (Pat)"
"Blowing bubbles."

"Blowing bubbles." I saw this picture and started to sing a bubble song I made up. "Me blowing bub-bles, me blowing bub-bles," to a conga line beat.

I guess more family photo's will have to follow

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