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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Clearing the section

We're clearing the section so we can fix up the fences.
"Playing a game." Gran and Gran came down with their chainsaw and mulcher to help out, while dad was at conference.
"Granddad's falling, brooom, brooom, brooom."
Dad back and conference written up, we got another fine day and everybody joined in.
"We building a motor. We're doing wheel barrow rides."
Ben's claimed the hat like dad's, dad picked up at the supermarket. Dad had gloves so got mum to get some for Ben too. Ben helped shift the wood.
"carrying logs.. big hat like Dad's... two gloves... they got green on like Gran's."

Disappears behind couch "Don't know, just want to be a doggie...I'm stuck here.." emerges from behind couch again looks at picture. "Building a motor."
Ben likes to be a doggie for Annabelle, and often calls Alex doggie. One of the reason we're fixing the fence is so we can get pets.

Dad's voice: The way Ben latched onto the hat I brought, (amongst other things) reminds me just how important a rolemodel I am in his life right now. We found lots of ways for him to help out with the clearing and he was really keen to join in.

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