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Sunday, July 26, 2009

making a pie

I'd been listening to a history of pie making on the radio, talking about how meat used to be baked in the bread due to a lack of pans, to save the juices, went Ben said he wanted to make a pie. So I thought why not. We rolled out the dough and placed on it a chicken and some vegetables.
"Getting a pie, hey that's a fish he's eating our pie."
We wrapped it up and washed our hands again.
"We're folding it up."

Some Pumpkin seeds added decoration
"Pumpkin seeds on the top."
Cooked we checked the internal temperature, to make sure the chicken had cooked through.
"We burnt them."

"Cutting the pie."

"We going to eat it, we're going to eat the fish, no chicken is fish. Fish is burnt."
There was tea for two nights and the carcasses made me a rather nice soup the next day for lunch. We also made a pork pie with a piece of steak, some feta and herbs.
"Making some more."

"we wrap it up."

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