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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

First Day Evaluation

Dad's Voice- Evaluating the e profile
So many pictures I want to put up, one thing I'll have to be careful with as, as this is an open blog and I haven't got permission sheets for photo's from Ben's Kindy, is making sure his kindy friends aren't clearly identifiable. The parent in me says stick them up anyway, scan, pdf and post his kindy stories without blurring, after all his friends are important to him, we didn't write those stupid privacy laws. The teacher in me feels the same way but also feels constrained by the privacy responsibility.

However I've already noticed how easy it is to contribute to Ben's profile all of a sudden. Instead of being just Kindy stories and the odd story from home, I suspect it'll be more the other way around, hopefully with a lot of family input.

Another plus we've already put in one video. Old fashioned paper profiles were so hard to insert video into and no matter how descriptive your language and still shots, properly editted video can say so much more.

And another plus, wow, how immediate this is for feeding into his profile, and how easy to share it with our family and get their input. Already we've realised this doesn't just have to be limited to parents and kindy teachers, but can include dance teachers and other important peopel in Ben's life too.

Annie's Voice: "I want a blog."
Bridget's Voice: "Why can't I have a blog too?!"
Alex's voice : "Alex, my."
Dad's voice: "I guess you can too."
Ben's voice: "I want mummy (photo's) and Alex" I want to "keep it." It's a good idea. I would like more photos "and video" I want my kindy teachers to put things in, like "my toys, this (pictures of things I make.)"

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  1. Hi David and Cindy-
    Thanks for being so brave to open up Ben's Blog for others to see how it might work. I look forward to checking in on your kindergarten days Ben... Have a wonderful time.
    Pukerua Bay Kindergarten