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Monday, September 7, 2009

My day with Dad

As a special father's day treat Bennie got to come in to work with dad on Monday (also because Alex had an ambulance ride at 4:45am with mum so she's stuck in Hastings till dad get's there with the car, he's okay in and out of AE with x-rays in under an hour! Nana Pat picked them up from hospital at 6:30am) Fortunately someone was away so we had an extra space at Kindy.
Ben loved the bear suit "I was puttign a bear suit on. I was jumping around like a bear, here comes a bear stomping, stomping..." (lots of dancing and singing.) "There is a lion coming to me." (More singing and stomping.)
and the farm animals, plus he rocked out with the kindy guitar.

"I bring them to the farm. A horse a sheep and a little sheep and a little horse and a cow. Playing with the cows today, and sheep, and cows and goats. I didn't paint! I wanted to do a painting at your kindy. I liked playing with the animals and the dogs and the cats. I liked daddy's fire engine story. I want you to put it on again."

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