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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Cross country

Mum and Gran to us to the school cross country.
Mum's voice
"Today is the cross country run for school so the girls missed out on their swimming lesson and Benjamin didn’t go to Kindergarten. Mum, Gran, Benjamin and Alexander followed the 3 buses up to the farm. Benjamin said that the last bus to leave was the number 1 bus and the first bus to leave was the number 3 bus. The bus to leave had Bridget in it. I think she saw us following behind.

Once we arrived Benjamin ran off to be with his sisters. Alexander walked beside Mum and Gran.

A bit later the girls went off to walk the track they would run. Benjamin wanted to go too. Mum said he had to stay with us. We waved to the girls at the fence.

While we waited for the races to start Benjamin helped Annabelle eat her lunch. Then Annabelle had her race. We checked her on at the fence and watched her go around. She did some running and walking and chatting with her friends. She finished 7th.

Bridget ran her race and she was puffed pretty soon. She had just gotten over her cold and had done no practices at home this year so ended up finishing last. She looked a little disappointed at the finishing line.

Afterwards we had a picnic lunch together and Benjamin gave Annabelle some of his lunch. "

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