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Sunday, August 23, 2009

Reading numerals

We all helped dad tidy up the lounge this morning, and then we got to play trains. I showed dad that James had a number 5 on his tender and pointed out the black coal and dad told me about how the trains used the coal to make steam. Later I found Henry and showed dad the number 3.
Dad asked me about Peter Sam and Toby and I correctly spotted the number on their sides was a 4 and a 7 respectively. Dad thinks me recognising numerals, up to at least 7, before I'm even four is pretty brilliant.
I've been really interested in numbers and counting the last few months, and I regularly count things and spot numbers and letters. I've been spotting the letter B around town since Christmas. When I start counting things dad often joins in and we count together. Today I told dad I was three and would be four at my next birthday, and five after I'm four. So we counted everyone's birthdays in Maori and English.

"Playing with my trains. (finding trains in the box) Number 7, number 3 and number 4 too."

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