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Sunday, August 23, 2009

New Drum kit

Mum saw a drum kit for $25 in pak-n-save a few weeks back and decided to put some money aside for it.
Dad helped me clean up the lounge, my room and the sun room and then helped me set it up.
But it didn't last day. Dad had been watching to make sure I didn't hit them too hard, but they still broke. He looked at it and found it had a design fault with the skins held in place by six screws, rather than tensioned evenly around the drum. He tried replacing the plastic skin with a tough hide skin, but again it ripped where the screws held it in place. Mum and dad are now looking at other options. A $125 plastic and metal kit, a $600 kit, or Getting 3 tough drums for $200, +$40 + $40 from MTA and adding feet and attachments to them to turn them into a kit.
Sounds like we've got some saving to do. Meanwhile dad will see what he can do to repair the drums again. Ben ended up taking his drum sticks to bed with him. He took to the foot pedal liek a duck to water.
"I'm playing my drums, I bang, bang banged them and they broke. The little one broke, and I bang, bang, bang a bang, bang. I banged that one with my drum sticks."

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