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Friday, August 14, 2009

New bed

The boys new bed arrived!
Before it got here mum managed to find some cheap carpet offcuts to go over the floor boards, and the whole room is much warmer now.
Both boys love their new bed, now we're just waiting on the electrician to reposition the light, and add an extra one. (The boys have already killed one bulb in the mean while, so we may need to pull their fuse.)
Ben' s Voice "Me and Alex climb up. (I like) climbing up the ladder. I like sleeping in it. Alex's is a cold bed. I like mine, my bed is warm. I don't like bouncing on it, it's made of wood. I like getting out of it, I climb down the ladder. I like getting into mum and dad's bed, mum and dad's bed is warm, I've got two warm! Dad is warm. Alex likes my bed, I like doing this on it (bent arms up and down alternativly, thumbs out )du du du duuuuu! Mum told me it's made of wood. dum dum dum, we will, we will rock you! on it and I like playing my guitar, dingy dingy ding on it. Wiggle wiggle wiggle, wiggle wiggle wig, I like doing that. I like doing, monster, monster moooonster."

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