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Monday, October 5, 2009

Arataki Honey Family day.

We went to Arataki Honey for their family day. Dad told a marathon four sessions worth of stories, all including bees and honey 11 stories in all.
We stayed at Nana's. With the radio station there I decided it was time to treat Nana to some mighty air guitar. "playing guitar, on my guitar and turning my hands on the guitar, for Nana."
My cousin Tone made the model for this picture out of plasticine. "Mum putting me in there. There's lots of bees, and there's some bee hives and clouds behind and bees."
Here we are with Auntie Pam, Jack (Caroline) in auntie Jenny's old shop frock, Great Auntie Barb with the yellow balloon. "Caroline, Auntie Pam, Mum, Bridget, me, Auntie Barb."
Great uncle Doug took us for a ride in his car. "The car, Uncle Doug, it's a very fast one and it's a vintage car an oogah car. Uncle Doug toots the horn and it goes dougah dougah. I got two rides. There's another wheel on the car."
I liked "the car, my car, the balloons."

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