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Monday, October 5, 2009


Mum and Dad had a burn up, of various prunings and cooked up steaks over the flames, and kebabs and foil baked potatoes for tea."Eating meat."
"Cooking the meat, " over the hot coals.
"eating the potato."
Dad's voice: A good chance to teach Ben about fire, and how to cook using traditional methods. Everyone loved the BBQ food, it just tastes so much better. Lashings of butter on the potatoes, following on from our Ben Warren course, with much from Sally Fallon's "nourishing traditions" book, about eating healthier by eating more traditional foods and avoiding heavily processed foods and foods with toxic additives. Our bodies use natural good fats for a whole range of things and butter is better, low fats diets lead to all sorts of health problems, yay! No more cooking in oil though, it's to unstable at high temperatures. We've also been making butter, cheese, fermented buckwheat pancakes, sweetened with rapadura and maple and trying to make yoghurt.

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