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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Laura's Party

Ben got invited to his cousin Laura's conjunction of fives, Birthday party. She choose a mid winter Arabian theme. "I liked them, that one, the white one cause I wanted to make friends with her. I liked them dancing and I love them."
Ben and his second cousin Cameron found a special hideout to share a stash of sweets from Cameron's dad. There was also lots of Arabian themed food, like dates, figs, couscous, chickpeas, breads etc to try as well. "Me and my friend Cameron are hiding in the box. That's me and him hiding in the box and he's not Cameron he's spiderman, Cameron is spiderman."

Ben had a go at sword fighting. "Having a sword fight. I'm making friends friends with the boy I was fighting with."Then Laura and her friends demonstrated some belly dancing, Ben's favourite was "the white one" possibly because he got lots of cuddles from her!
"I am watching the girl who's dancing, the white girl and making friends with her too."

Then everyone else had a go, Bridget.
And Nana, Ben really liked all the jingly bits. "It wiggles!"

Alex thought the seats were a bit high, but enjoyed the Thomas train set.
Fortunately cushions and kneeling tables were available. "I liked all of the food."

Check out the dancers!

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